Re: Have an Opinion? You're Violating the Law!

"John Lansford" <jlnsford@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"George Conklin/Sociation Today" <nilknocgeo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This is the engineering equivalent of a SLAPP suit. A SLAPP suit
when a developer sues someone for speaking their mind at a public hearing.
Now engineers are doing that. Libertarians are sometimes right.

Nonsense. No one's telling the citizen to shut up; they are asking him
to provide who created the report, and whether that person is a
professional engineer or not. Engineering studies are required to be
created under the responsible care of a PE, and that person must
certify the document by signing/sealing it. Had he written a letter
stating his opinion and given the same data as the "study" did, there
would have been no issue here.

John, what you post is simply nonsense. Predicting future traffic flows
is not "engineering." And having elected officials give a citizen-supported
study back to hostile staff is an invitation to destroy it. It is a pure
conflict of interest. Elected officials know that they are frequently lied
to by their own staffs, so when they ignore the advice they are given it
is not out of ignorance, but because they know the advice is political, even
if it has an "engineering" stamp on it. Writing an article about mortality
patterns is not doing medicine without a license. Writing about traffic
patterns (by whatever label) is not practicing engineering without a
license. Predicing the future is not an engineering-only undertaking.