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Um, most of the development (especially in Montgomery County,
Maryland, where most of the ICC is being built) was approved as far
back as the 1960's with the understanding that this road would be
built.  Montgomery County land use and transportation planning staff
were asked to look at the current and future impact of removing the
road from master plans in the late 1990's (after then-Gov. Parris
Glendening changed his mind about the project), and the stated on the
record that it would require years of (re)planning, which would not
actually remove any of the residential development approved over all
those years in anticipation of the ICC.

The only new large-scale development near the ICC is in Prince
George's County, around the interchange of I-95 and the ICC, where the
"new town" of Konterra will be built.

And that is also on hold due to the economy, and it doesn't even look
like any sort of major construction has begun yet.

A lot of grading an prep work has been completed, but I don't believe
there has been any construction yet, probably because the economy has
been so terrible.

The Konterra developer has gotten quite a few approvals from the M-
NCP&PC Prince George's County Planning Board.

The section of the ICC between U.S. 1 and I-95 WILL get built within a
few years.

Personally, I think the ICC is too short - it shouldn't end at US 1,
it should end at the B-W Parkway, with an interchange design that
allows it to be further extended, either east to MD 3 or east and
south to US 50. Reaching the B-W Parkway would take a ridiculous
amount of traffic off of MD 198 and MD 197; the major downside is that
traffic levels on the B-W Parkway itself would likely go up
significantly, requiring another major modernization project to widen
the Parkway to six lanes. Still, an ICC-Parkway interchange would be
highly useful.

Original plans were for the ICC to turn to the southeast, crossing the
B-W Parkway south of Md. 197, running roughly parallel to 197 south to
U.S. 50 between Md. 197 and Freeway Airport, then continue south to a
point beyond Leeland Road in Upper Marlboro, where it would merge into
U.S. 301. The National Park Service (NPS) stated years ago that it
did not want a new interchange on the Parkway, so at one point the
plans were for the ICC to have an interchange with Md. 197 just south
of the Parkway to provide access between the Parkway and the ICC. And
federal workers at the USDA's Beltsville Agriculture Research Center
and the Fish and Wildlife Service's Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
did not want the ICC near their facilities, and they (along with NPS)
got the National Capital Planning Commission to oppose the ICC east
of U.S. 1 (during the Reagan Administration).

Even though most of the City of Bowie is Maryland's auto-oriented
Levittown (built by the very same guy that built levittowns in New
York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania), most of its municipal leaders have
been very much opposed to the ICC, and managed to get MDOT and SHA to
not even study the ICC east of U.S. 1 in the 1990's EIS process.

The section of Md. 197 (Laurel Bowie Road) between the Baltimore-
Washington Parkway and the northern corporate limits of Bowie is a
dangerous and sometimes deadly and narrow two lane arterial that
carries heavy traffic volumes. The "eastern" ICC would relieve 197.