Re: Red Lights and Accidents

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For intersections I drive through, I'm not really aware of
which have an all-red interval and which do not.

For the record, I believe that is the first instance of something you
don't know.

Uhhh, yeah, whatever you say there.

Oh please.  Every heavily travelled intersection with updated signals
has an all-red phase of a second or two for the reason I gave; to let
the traffic clear the intersection.

Seems unnecessary. If you can see your light is green I think you can
be assumed to see a vehicle in the way.

I suppose the people who put the all-red phase into many signals know
more about this subject than you, though. They certainly believe it
to be necessary.

I have to believe some of the rationale of the all-red phase is to
attempt to prevent Leonard Light Runner from rudely introducing
himself to Danny Drag Racer.

That would be one benefit.

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