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It's been announced that the first segment of the ICC, between I-370
and Georgia Ave (MD 97) will open on February 22.  Though still
"weather dependent", MDTA is apparently confident that they can meet
that date opening.

The road will be toll-free for the first 2 weeks or so, with toll
collection beginning March 7, though the $3 service fee for non-EZPass
customers will be waived until April 6.

MDTA's website makes it pretty clear that opening the ICC to I-95
won't happen until 2012.  There had previously been hope it would be
late this year, but poor weather has caused a lot of delays.

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any thoughts on whether it's going to meet traffic projections?- Hide quoted text -

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no matter, they have to pay for the stupid, unneeded, overpriced, gift
to the developers

whether there is enough traffic or not, they will just raise the tolls
on the existing brs and tunnels

truly wonderful how that works

someone clue in dum dum elkins

Um, most of the development (especially in Montgomery County,
Maryland, where most of the ICC is being built) was approved as far
back as the 1960's with the understanding that this road would be
built. Montgomery County land use and transportation planning staff
were asked to look at the current and future impact of removing the
road from master plans in the late 1990's (after then-Gov. Parris
Glendening changed his mind about the project), and the stated on the
record that it would require years of (re)planning, which would not
actually remove any of the residential development approved over all
those years in anticipation of the ICC.

The only new large-scale development near the ICC is in Prince
George's County, around the interchange of I-95 and the ICC, where the
"new town" of Konterra will be built.