Re: OT Panama Canal expansion

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It's not worth it.  Build two ferry terminals and leave it at that.

But what if I don't wanna take no stinkin' ferry? (assuming I ever
make it south of Nogales, much less to Panama)  :-)

Then my earlier answer stands; too bad for you.  A high speed ferry
covering 100 miles would take a lot less time than trying to forge
across 100 miles of jungle and swamp, so I guess if you just had to
drive all the way down to SA, that's what you'd end up doing.

there's a ferry that runs from Newfoundland to Goose Bay ... it's at
least a 24 hr trip.

A high speed hydrofoil ferry could make a 100 mile trip in about 3

A new road has been built from Red Bay to Goose Bay through a vast
area of Canadian Wilderness.. multiple river crossings ....

I bet there was enough demand to justify building it as well. Probably
commercial interests too.

my understanding is that the plan is to shut down the long ferry.

A short ferry ride is require to get from Newfoundland to Red Bay.

For example, there's zero interest in replacing any of the ferry
routes from NC to the Outer Banks, even though several of them are
very popular and the bridge alternative is for some of them hundreds
of miles away.

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