Re: Converting a cloverleaf to a diamond interchange?

Nathan Perry <npe...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Why would a C/D road be added instead of loop removal, as is often done
in other examples of cloverleaf upgrading? I'm guessing C/D roads are
used to upgrade freeway-to-freeway cloverleaves but loop removal is more
common when a surface road is involved, is that right?

Adding a C/D roadway would only occur if there was sufficient right-of-
way for the expansion.

Loop removal consideration happens when there is a too-short weaving
section between two loops, and also there is insufficient right-of-way
for interchange expansion to a lengthened weaving section.

A full cloverleaf interchange without C/D roadways can adequately
carry lots of traffic when the weaving sections are of ample length.
Numerous examples of this on VA I-295.

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