Re: Iowa DOT has roundabout fever

On Oct 31, 12:15 pm, Arif Khokar <akhokar1...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
elmer wrote:
Jeff Morrison wrote:
First, from earlier in the month: If you thought US 151 around Cedar
Rapids had enough issues already, prepare for more. There's talk of a
roundabout at 151 and E48 (Mount Vernon Road/Lincoln Highway):

And University Avenue/old 218/IA 934 in Waterloo-Cedar Falls could
have anywhere from two to way too many:
Seems a a lot of college graduates think anything English or Italian is
the way for America. Just like spy cameras everywhere.
I hate those roudabouts.

Only people who are piss-poor drivers hate roundabouts.

I agree.. Roundabouts are common-sense, inexpensive solutions. We just
had a traffic signal put up that cost a million dollars and a
roundabout would have done just fine.

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