Re: To the Kentucy DOT complaint department

On Sep 17, 4:08 pm, richard <mem...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Having travelled on interstates 65 and 71 today, I would like to file a
legitimate complaint in the area of inadequate postings.

As you should be aware of, there are several places on both roadways where
road crews are busy at work and lanes are closed.

In one such area a sign stating that the right lane was closed ahead was
posted a mere 1500 feet before the closure. At 70 mph this gives the
traveller less than 5 seconds to change lanes.

In all other cases that I saw, the lane closure signs were posted 1/2 mile
before. This is totally illogical as at the higher speed it is necessary to
have more room to maneuver in. Specially long trucks.

In most cases there was barely any advanced warning of work ahead let alone
lane closures. As a former professional truck driver, I feel that warnings
should be posted no less than 1 (one) mile before the actual lane closure..
This gives trucks ample time to maneuver over even in moderate traffic. In
some cases, specially when it is difficult to see over the hills, 2 miles
should begin warning signs.

Inadequate postings is an accident waiting to happen. Please review your
policy on this and make sure that contractors are adhering to the policy.
If you don't have one, create one.

Thank you.

My experience has been that you get warned in the following manner

VMS (or maybe even 2 or 3) at least 5-10 miles out, followed by
LANE(S) CLOSED 2 MILES AHEAD (little orange sign)
LANE(S) CLOSED 1 MILE AHEAD (another little orange sign)
LANE(S) CLOSED 1/2 MILE AHEAD (another little orange sign)

and maybe even

LANE(S) CLOSED 500/1000/1500 FEET AHEAD *and* a flashing yellow
segmented arrow indicating the lane in which to merge.
Usually also a cop car or two burning down the batteries with its
flashing lights.

Sounds like you either hit a new work area (and all the signs aren't
up yet), or one that is almost complete (and they've started removing
signs). In any event, not really safe, and just asking for an
accident or an injured worker.