Re: Planners sketch out new interstate [from Phoenix area] to Las Vegas

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On Sep 15, 1:01 pm, John David Galt <j...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

this is a good thing... IMHO..because it means they have to do an
analysis to see if that road is viable as a toll road. That's a much
better proxy for true need IMHO.
back of the envelope... 5 billion financed over 50 years (no interest)
= 100 million a year (275K a day)... 50K daily traffic...$55 bucks per
car... NOPE...

How many trucks?  Bridges in the Bay Area charge $20 toll for trucks,
so $50+ for a good 100+ mile toll road wouldn't be at all out of line.

275K/55K is $5.50

And though I like switching the I-15 idea, I-21 would be TOTALLY
appropriate for Vegas

The attraction of I-11 is that it can continue northwest to Reno.
Then again, maybe 21 could as well. And if you start including
interest, cars have to pay probably more like $7 (still reasonable) -
but remember, that's just for the bypass of Phoenix, not the rest of
the route to LV. So you may be looking at higher tolls than that,
maybe $10-$12 for the whole route. Now it's at best an average