Re: Speeding fines doubled when workers present

On Sun, 6 Sep 2009 03:17:59 -0700 (PDT), DandyDan
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As of this year in Nebraska, whenever there is road construction, a
sign which says my subject title appears at the beginning of the
construction area.

Most staes have something to that effect. FWIW, here in GA, the signs
say, "Work Zone. Speeding fines increased. Minimum fine $100.00."
Though, SC is the one with the brass: their signs say, "speeding
penalty $250.00 fine and prison." Makes me wonder if they have ever
carried out that last part...

But what does that mean exactly? If they are doing
a repaving project that is 10 miles long, and they are on mile 10 and
you get caught speeding on mile 1, do they count as present? I wonder

When it comes to the state extorting money from the driving zeitgeit,
anything goes.

because I saw some poor person get caught speeding near my home on NE
370, which has road construction at the moment, but it didn't appear
they were doing anything near the location where this incident
occured, although it was within the work area..

One thing I have noted in my travels is that in FL, the signs say,
"Speeding fines doubled WHEN WORKERS ARE PRESENT" (emphasis mine). Not
sure when they first started showing up, they've been in use for
years, but the reason why they say that is one that has eluded me...

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