Re: A scumbag with absolutely no clue.

On Sep 2, 1:15 pm, Otto Yamamoto <ros...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Wed, 02 Sep 2009 07:15:00 -0700, rshe...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
more money, less work

Lets see, I knew you were filthy in your person and mind, a coward,
greedy, and you've revealed another virtue, you're lazy. What a shocker.
I'll continue to actually work for a living, thanks. I have enough money
to do as I like, thank you.

I get free beer, food, marihuana,

you still have not said why you posted it if it were not true

Which part of 'I did it as a joke, that why it's spelt that way(third
time I've said it)' don't you understand? What's the big deal anyway? It
isn't 1950 anymore. You need to come into the 21st Century.

otto Yamamoto

so as far as you are concerned, cab drivers don't work for a living
that you are serious about

So as far as you are concerned those cab drivers that were killed in
Yonkers and the Bronx, my guess is by svartzies, were not working

but when it comes to getting high, that is a joke

and in the 21st c, everyone should be getting drunk and high

ok, so tell that to the people the were killed on the Taconic

or was that a joke also???

where does serious begin and joke end

this must be a joke also

you are good at spewing jokes

and what is the 21st c?