Re: Have DC lost their minds?

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On Jul 26, 8:33 pm, Nate Nagel <njna...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Was on the SE/SW freeway today for the first time in a long time... saw
some shiny new signs "Speed Limit 40 - Photo Enforced"  WTF, over?  The
old speed limit was too low (for those not familiar, this is a six lane
divided highway with no intersections and no obvious hazards, and
actually decent concrete pavement) 40 is just insane.

Well, genius driver, it is "divided" in part by a narrow 6" high
median which makes "on-coming traffic" something some might recognize
as an obvious hazard.

No, it's got a full Jersey barrier.

Elsewhere it is divided/bordered by short Jersey barriers, which some
might recognize as an obvious hazard.

um...if you don't consider a Jersey barrier safe, then what is?

It has narrow or no shoulders (aka "runoff area"), which some might
recognize as an obvious hazard.

Not true - they're far wider than the (nonexistent) shoulders on the
Anacostia Freeway, which is posted at a higher speed. Additionally,
the SE/SW freeway is one of the "unsigned" Interstate highways in the
area, therefore must meet all the design criteria for an urban

It is bordered in places by stone walls, which some might recognize as
an obvious hazard.

You're thinking of the B-W Parkway and/or New York Avenue.

Then, of course, there's you, one of the many "drivers" for whom there
is rarely a "legitimate" reason to operate just a little more
slowly... for 3 whole miles.

There isn't. Unless you consider "revenue" a valid reason. I don't
even know that it's kosher to sign an Interstate highway at 40 MPH, at

Funny thing is that the speed limit on the unbelievably awful Anacostia
Freeway is still 45, now higher than the far superior road.

"More lanes" ≠ "superior".  It has shoulders, more forgiving dividing
and bordering "guardrails" and far fewer entrances and exits (aka
"merge points") per mile.

I think you need to refresh your familiarity with DC-area roads. The
Anacostia is either comparable or (usually) inferior to the SE/SW
freeway in all of the criteria you list above. And for most of its
length it has no shoulders to speak of - just a few inches of asphalt
and a curb.