Re: Budget Woes Spell Doom for Highway Rest Areas

On Jul 3, 10:41 am, zorba <jimo...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
As millions of Americans take to the road for the holiday weekend, a
humble highway fixture is under attack.

Later this month, cash-strapped Virginia plans to barricade entrances
and switch off the plumbing and electricity at nearly half its highway
rest areas. Other states also are lowering budgetary axes on the
public pit stops that have lined the interstate highway system since
its creation in 1956.

for myself, I'd like to see the rest stops - as a system - be self-
supporting for use fees.

I'd leave it up to the DOTs to figure out what they feel would be the
best way - the only proviso being that no external source of money
would be provided for operational expenses.

Perhaps a reasonable middle ground is that the state purchase the land
and the infrastructure and then the operation be self-supporting.

One reason I like this approach is that self-supporting means that the
rest stops will stay there - even in tight budget times...when cuts
are being made.