Re: NC RTP projects starting

On Jul 4, 4:30 pm, NBtarheel_33 <NBtarheel...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
"Overdue repaving jobs scheduled to start in the next few weeks will
smooth bumps and fill potholes on badly worn stretches of Interstate
40, Interstate 540, U.S. 64/264 and the Beltline.

Does this include the stretch of I-40 that was part of that whole bad
paving mixup and had to be covered with asphalt a few years back?

And the bulldozers will start moving soon on a long-sought plan to
relieve the Triangle's worst commuter bottleneck by widening a
four-lane, six-mile section of I-40 in West Raleigh.

"The Great Durham Widening" redux, now it's Raleigh's turn.  Hope they
get the concrete mix right this time.

The I-40 contractor, S.T. Wooten Corp. of Wilson, will also have the
job of updating signs around the Raleigh Beltline. The old Inner/Outer
Beltline designations will disappear, replaced by new markers dividing
the Beltline between east/west I-40 and east/west I-440.

(About time that old "inner/outer" crap was removed.  I also expect
that I-440 along I-40 will be removed as well with this project.)

Thanks be to Heaven.  I don't understand why this doesn't happen with
the Washington Beltway as well - 95 N/S on the east side, and 495 N/S
on the west side.  Still not as bad as the Athens, GA loop where you
have Inner and Outer designations, but also five or six US and State
routes sharing pavement.  Ugh.  Will NCDOT be doing something about
the other Inner/Outer messes that are cropping up in Greensboro and

At least in DC and Charlotte, the Inner/Outer doesn't appear on the
signs alone like it did in Raleigh. In Charlotte, the signs say
"north/inner" and "south/outer", while in DC they just use cardinal
directions and only show inner loop/outer loop on re-assurance
shields. That is the way it should be....locals know which is which
and don't need to be told on the overhead signs. Poeple not from here
understand north and south, and that is what we show them.

"Meanwhile, the N.C. Turnpike Authority is moving closer to an
announcement, possibly this month, of a Triangle toll road that would
include the biggest transportation construction contracts in state

If the final steps work out as expected with federal regulators, bond
underwriters and bond buyers, construction would start this summer on
the $1 billion, 18-mile Triangle Expressway through western Wake
County and RTP."

$1 billion, wow.  Wonder what the tolls would be like - $3 or $4 each