Re: OKC meet final plans

On Jun 24, 5:16 am, Scott Nazelrod <Scott5...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sorry that I've been slow to reply the past few days. I just got my
first apartment and I've been setting the place up and enjoying it. :)

I've received RSVPs from about a half dozen people. The idea was to
pick the meetup site each day based on where most people were
staying...unfortunately for me, it seems that everyone has decided to
pick a different hotel to stay at, so I'm picking the meetup site to
be Motel 6 at I-40 and Meridian. (Congrats, David!) Meetup time each
day will be 11am.

I will be working Thursday night, so fellow OKC-area resident Eric
Stuve will be hosting the Thursday night meet-and-greet. He will be
selecting the venue and time.

Please note that I have not planned for lunch on Friday. I would
advise eating a brunch-ish thing that day so as to avoid getting
hungry during the ROADS! portion of the meet. Of course, if most of
the people in the group desire so, we could always make an ad-hoc
stopoff somewhere.  We will be having lunch at Coach's in Norman on
Saturday, however.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or post a reply

I had posted this in another thread, but will repost it here...

The Meet & Greet will be held at the Cracker Barrel near I-40 &
Meridian at 7 Thursday night. The time may change depending on when
everybody is arriving; if it does change, I will post it here.