Re: Hyundai CEO calls for "flexible" gas tax = $4 gallon

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So does the gob'mt subsidize it if it goes over $4?

Indeed. Raising the price of gas, when many people already can't afford
to meet their basic needs, is beyond stupid. I already own a fuel-
efficient (Hyundai-built!) vehicle (2008 Kia Spectra). EPA highway MPG
estimate is 32, but I routinely get 37-38 and, if I'm careful, I can top
40. Raising the gas tax will just cost me more money -- especially since
I live in California and the existing excise taxes are already high.

What was Krafcik thinking?

Steve Sobol, Victorville, California, USA

I will put it to you like this,

how long do you think oil will stay at or around $70 a barrel?

and the only reason it is at that level is because the economy in the
US, China, and India is horrible.

Firstly we owe China hundreds of billions of bucks for financing GWB's
idiocy in Iraq. War without sacrifice. Guess what happens to gas
demand in China as their economy improves

amongst other things, China is building their own version of an
interstate highway system

now another thing to think about is this

alot of people want drill, baby, drill, to increase domestic oil

the only problem with drill, baby, drill is it ain't cheap

no one is going to do it at $70 a barrel oil

if you want to be serious about drill baby drill, oil has to get over
$100 a barrel

Finally, how much longer can we afford a transportation system based
on funding that is at a 1970's level?

We are living on borrowed time.

Also as the Chinese economy improves their demand for concrete and
steel will increase and we are right back to where we were in 2007-2008