Re: IN Toll Road service area overhaul plans

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On Jun 21, 2:32 pm, Marc Fannin <musxf...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
"Rest stops along Indiana Toll Road to be renovated" (6/18)
Includes video (not much more in that than what's given in the text of
the article, but interesting nonetheless)

The article is wrong in the fact that this is not the first renovation
of them - there were renovations to the plazas shortly after 1980: See
the brochure scan on

I guess the Indiana Toll Road has to keep up with the competition on
either side with Illinois' improved oases and Ohio's improved service
plazas. I've found Indiana's service plazas to be not the most
pleasant place to stop but adequate. The restrooms always seem to be
damp and humid.

And their gasoline prices appear to be out of line with the local
prices. Ohio and Illinois tollway gas stations seem to be more in line
with prices adjacent to the highway.