Re: Pedestrian Bridge at Niagra Falls?

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I've only done that once, thanks to a girlfriend when I was in my senior
year in college. Her parents lived in Niagara Falls, so I was invited to
spend the holidays with the family. That was in 1976, back when the Robert
Moses Parkway was still a freeway through the city,
Was it a continuous freeway all the way through the downtown? What was the reason for closing a long section of one of the two-lane roadways?

It was, and if you walk over the Rainbow Bridge (either in person or via Google Maps) you can see an old section of divided highway crossing under you, used now only by service vehicles. The parkway was closed to allow greater falls access from the city proper. Even today, the north leg of the parkway has been recently reduced from two roadways to one to allow for more recreational usage through the Niagara Gorge area.

Thanks .. I drove it for the first time a couple months ago, and I was wondering what was the history.

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