Re: OT: Vehicle Searches & Warrants

On Wed, 22 Apr 2009 15:19:36 -0800, John David Galt
<jdg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

John Lansford wrote:
It will stop the random searches of cars at routine traffic stops just
to see what the police could find. With this SC ruling the police now
have to charge the occupants of the car with a crime and put them in
the police car before searching the civilian's car.

I read it as saying just the opposite. Once the driver is cuffed or
beyond reach of the interior of his vehicle, the police can no longer
search the vehicle without a warrant -- even if they arrest him.
So I expect police who intend to make an arrest to start by stalling
while he's in the car, thus keeping their "cause" so they can search
the car.

Richard wrote:
Only the US Border Patrol has Congressional authority to search
without a warrant.

And even then, only at the borders. Not that they follow the law.

As of 1952, anywhere in the USA.
So you can be stopped and searched in Denver, Co.

Look it up and read it. Most interesting.