Re: L.A. Trainwreck - Killer of Train Passengers Gets 11 Life Sentences

GK <ontheair247@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You know, at first glance I would tend to agree, BUT then when one thinks about it, why would this Mr Alvarez, not having anything to do with guaranteeing safety of trains, have anything to do with guaranteeing the safety of trains?
It's quite obvious he is being made a scapegoat and should be immediately freed and compensated for the harassment he underwent.

Pin a medal on him and set him free.

What a scam by the government.

Another failure of our educational system. Alverez deliberately parked his SUV on the railroad tracks so that a train would hit the SUV and kill him. Any resulting collateral deaths meets at least the legal definition of negligent homicide in any U.S. jurisdiction. He was responsible for the deaths of 11 people and the injuries to 180 people.

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