Re: More Texas observations

brink wrote:
- So, I-35W is really "hidden" I-235, isn't it? I mean, obviously, Dallas and Ft. Worth both wanted the 2di, so they had to split the number, But I-35E's exit numbers continue in sequential order from the split while I-35W's numbers start over. Therefore, I-35E pwns I-35W.

- Those HOV lanes on I-30 that stretch east from downtown Dallas out toward Garland? Wow... talk about a logistical pain in the butt. TxDOT has to move jersey barriers every weekday morning, afternoon, and evening along an 8-10 mile stretch to put the HOV lane users into the "wrong way" freeway lanes? How much does it cost in time, money, and manpower to accomplish that three times a day? I can't imagine it's much fun with midday traffic either.

- Just realized this week that Texas (and especially downtown Austin) have their own Colorado River. I've driven over it quite a few times but never knew its name. I wonder how many people drive over it and think it's the same Colorado River as the one that flows through Colorado, the Grand Canyon, and to the Gulf of California?

Through much of Austin they don't call it the Colorado River. They call it Lake Austin.

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