Will's Quick Trip to West Point, VA

I took a quick trip to West Point, VA today, nothing major. I opted not to continue from there in order to save fuel for this week. I put 55 photos from the trip up on Flickr:


Some notes:

- I drove SB on I-295 to SR 615 Creighton Rd in Hanover County, then to N. Laburnum Ave, VA 33, VA 33/VA 156/US 60, VA 33/US 60, VA 33/VA 249, I-64 between VA 249 and VA 33 in eastern New Kent County, and VA 33 into West Point (with a brief duplex with VA 30).

- Routes clinched: VA 156, 296, 298, 380

- VA 33 abruptly drops to two lanes headed into Highland Springs from either direction; there is very little warning of this, and I nearly ran off the road as a result. There is one warning sign on VA 33 WB, but the only one EB is right at where the lane ends.

- I missed the erroneous US 33 shield off I-64 EB at Exit 205, as I didn't go that way.

- VA 33, VA 156, and US 60 triplex on E. Williamsburg Rd between Seven Pines and just before the Henrico-New Kent county line; VA 33 continues with US 60 to VA 249 in New Kent County. However, along this entire stretch there is no mention of either VA 33 or VA 156, except for when those roads leave US 60.

- There is a crapload of historical markers at the Henrico-New Kent county line along VA 33/VA 156/US 60 - Bottoms Bridge, New Kent Road (now VA 249 New Kent Hwy), New Kent County, and a fourth one I couldn't make out.

- VA 298 has an absurd number of signs in West Point given its lack of importance. The VA 296 and VA 298 cutouts are still there.

- The erroneous SR 298 shields on VA 33 haven't been fixed yet. There are brand new uni-signs along VA 33 at where VA 30 leaves the VA 30-33 duplex.

- There are Clearview guide signs with block numbers at the signalized intersections in West Point.

- I managed to get a photo of the VA 33 bridge over the Mattaponi River from 5th Street in West Point; it's an amazing sight on the right day.

- The first mention of US 33 westbound appears to be along VA 33 just past 25th Street in Richmond; there is a "TO US 33" shield just past this intersection.
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