Re: County Route Mile Posts

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In general, if a stretch of county-maintained highway crosses into a
second county, does it retain its numbering or does it restart from

I ask because the Salome highway, exit 81 on I-10 to Salome, has mile
posts, so it should be at least a county-maintained road. It runs from
Maricopa county to La Paz county without a discontinuity in numbering,
but it is not on any state route maps as far as I can tell. At any
rate, highways that go in between states lose their numbering so I
don't think it would be too unreasonable for county routes to reset

From what I've seen, county road mileposts in Washington don't reset at
county lines. County roads usually aren't signed either.

Shoreline, Washington USA
27 Feb 2007, 1944 PST

I haven't traveled the county routes in Illinois, but the state and US
roads (not Interstate) do reset at each county line.