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It seems that in the past weight stations were open, and trucks were
lined up to be weighed, but now it almost appears that these stations
are abandoned. Was this done because of pressure from the trucking
industry, or is it more economical to do spot checks? Are there so
many trucks on the road that having them pass through a station would
not be practical?

Just the opposite, there are so many trucks that they had to move
to the weigh-in-motion system, and use pre-pass transponders.


Pre-passes are issued based on the carriers safety and compliance reviews. These are earned, not bought. Therefore, the trucks that by-pass are deemed to be safe and legal, leaving the scalehouses to weigh the others who may be suspect.

Ohio has shut down quite a few scalehouses in the past year. Usually, a state will have a scale at or near the state line when coming into the state. Another is when two major interstates merge to one near a state line.

Yet another misinformed fool who knows nothing.
Prepass can be purchased from the company by any trucker regardless of the company's involvement or their safety rating. The transponder is registered to that truck. NOT the company. Prepass can now also include EZ-pass which is also now accepted in Illinois.

When I was with C R England, I was given a prepass unit with ezpass. It made my life a lot easier.

Prepass is designed so that if you are empty or have a light load, you get to bypass the scales.
However, the officer on duty can press the button to signal you into the scales anyway.

Before you mouth off again, may I kindly suggest you the prepass website a visit and properly inform yourself?