Re: Worlds Highest Exit Number?q

larry_scholnick@xxxxxxxxx writes:

It wouldn't be any problem here on I-10 - Kilometer 1000 would be between
Seguin and Luling, and the Houston metro exits would run from around 1150 in
Sealy to nearly 1334 in Winnie. (I'm around eight klicks south of Exit
1218. ;-)

No real problems in California; only US-101 and I-5 would go past
1000. KM 1000 would be far north of San Francisco and Sacramento;
only those unimportant towns on the way to Oregon would be affected.

In other news, a Southern Californian answering to the name of "Larry" is
burnt at the stake by insulted townspeople in the unimportant municipality
of Weed. Crescent City was greatly incensed by the action, saying, "We had
dibs first."

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