Re: KY - Kick66, Stop Interstate 66's construction

morticide wrote:
Sherman L. Cahal wrote:

I am becoming increasingly opposed to the Interstate 66 project in
Kentucky for the sheer waste that it has become. While I support a
Somerset bypass north of the city, I do not believe that KY 80 should
be bypassed, especially since it is an adequate four and two lane
highway that could be improved instead. A bypass of London, or an
improvement of the existing bypass is needed, and some new interchanges
throughout will work just as much as I-66.

Coupled with the dualization of essentially US 119, which is now
nearing completion in southeast Kentucky, I find this project to be an
extreme waste.

Yes, Kick66 is a part of the Cumberland Chapter of the Sierra Club,
however, it has many valid points. I am not agreeing with it 100%, but
overall, it is an excellent start.

Sherman Cahal

Considering the planned routing of I-66 it looks a lot like the Shuster
Folly I-99 in PA in usefulness. This route, like others (3-branching
I-69, braided layout I-73 & I-74), causes suspicion that AASHTO pulled
out the route selection and numbering from between the hip pockets.

Congress simply came up with a concept for a route extension. But
thats all it was, a concept. Concepts do not equal route numbers.
While having a road that runs from Cincy to Myrtle Beach is great to
call an I-74 extension, actually demanding that it be called I-74 is
rediculous IMO.