Re: Bonner bridge replacement finally moves forward

Chris Smolinski wrote:

New US Secretary of Interior, Dirk Kempthorne, and Sen. Richard Burr,
R-NC, announced last week that the agency has given the go-ahead on
building a new bridge across Oregon Inlet.

Kempthorne proposed that the bridge portion of the project be allowed to
move forward while the fate of the road portion of the project is being

"The parallel bridge option put forward by Kempthorne is to build a
bridge parallel to the existing bridge. The replacement bridge will be
2.7 miles in length. Originally, this option included replacing NC 12
through Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, however, that portion of
the project has been controversial because it will impact Pea Island
National Wildlife Refuge".

SMK: I seem to recall that it was deemed that the new bridge would
need to be somewhat longer than simply paralleling the existing bridge,
in order to span grounds that were subject to shifting due to sea

It seems that the 17-mile long bridge alternative, costing $800
million, has been canned. That is good news.

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