Re: Bonner bridge replacement finally moves forward

Chris Smolinski <cps@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

New US Secretary of Interior, Dirk Kempthorne, and Sen. Richard Burr,
R-NC, announced last week that the agency has given the go-ahead on
building a new bridge across Oregon Inlet.

Kempthorne proposed that the bridge portion of the project be allowed to
move forward while the fate of the road portion of the project is being

I didn't see a mention of a planned completion date.

The Interior Secretary has voiced an opinion, not made a binding
decision. That will require FHWA and Corps to agree with the Interior
before the long bridge version is scrapped.

All the Interior decision has done is made it nearly inevitable that
getting a permit for the short version will be impossible, because
there's no way to built the replacement bridge without getting out of
NC 12's existing R/W on Pea Island.

John Lansford, PE
John's Shop of Wood