Re: 2 dead in I-88 washout in Sidney, NY; NY State Thruway closed from Schenectady to Syracuse

"DanTheMan" <twowheel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Adam Prince wrote:
Two truck drivers were killed early this morning when a culver failed
washing out all four lanes of I-88 near Sidney, NY (Exit 9). I-88 is
currently closed from Oneonta (Exit 13) to Bainbridge (Exit 8).

Also, the NY State Thruway is closed to all traffic from Exit 28-31 and
is open to local traffic only from Exit 25A-28 and 36-31.

Go to the Times Union Homepage to see a State Police photo of the
washout on I-88.

I heard a rumor (through a friend or two) that all of the bridges over
the Susquehenna from Binghamton all the way to Oneonta or so are closed
at the moment because of the flooding. Anyone know if this is true?
(Adam, did you notice anything like that when you were in the area?)

I can believe it from the video I have seen and that our Sidney, NY store
was closed today. It is located on Main Street in Downtown Sidney just
across the tracks (so about 1/2 mile maybe from the river), and the Syrcause
footage of the bridge into town from NY 7 showed the river about a foot
below the deck of the bridge.

Our Oneonta store was asked to close by the police at 9 am. Many of the
people at that store did not come in as it was. Non-emergency vehicles in
Oneonta were prohibited from the streets until at least midnight tonight.

From what I have seen and what our locations downstate had told me. I would
certainly believe that all the rumor you were told is true.

If so, it'd leave quite a gash in that part of the state as far as
transportation goes. The river flows right through a few towns there...
quite the detour to get around.