Re: Terrorism Blurring on Maps

Sherman L. Cahal wrote:
Michael G. Koerner wrote:

Sherman L. Cahal wrote:

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the terrorists are that stupid they can't figure out where the White House is.

Our government takes us for being ignorants... how ironic is that.

I firmly believe that the bad guys who flew that airliner into the Pentagon were aiming for the White House, but they could not find it among the trees and other buildings on their way into the metro area. Failing that, they then circled around and went for an impromptu 'plan B' target, the south side of the easily found Pentagon.

Wasn't Flight 93 destined for the White House, the one that crashed in PA?

My best belief was that United 93 was aiming at the Capitol. Coming in from the west, it would have had a straight shot down the Mall, only having to dodge the Washington Monument. The White House is a best shot from the south, the direction that the airliner that hit the Pentagon came from.

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