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Not sure if this thread has ever been brought up here, and too tired to
try to find out.

How many street names are there that would uniquely identify a city? As
in, given an address without a city, there is only one city within a
given state, province, or even country that could possibly have the same

(Of course, I have no idea how one would verify these easily.)

Examples that come to mind right off hand:

Any address of FM 1960 almost has to be somewhere within the Houston
area, though not necessarily within Houston city limits. I don't know of
any other states that even call their secondary routes farm-to-market or
ranch-to-market roads.

Other possibilities I can think of, specifically for the Houston area:

(East, West, <null>) T. C. Jester Boulevard
Dairy Ashford Road
Alief Clodine Road (possibly should be hyphenated, not sure, think I've
seen it signed both ways)
Howell Sugarland Road (etc., *many* others like this)
(North, South, East, West) Sam Houston Parkway (N,S,E,W)
Westheimer Road
(North, South, <null>) Post Oak (Boulevard, Road, Lane)
Heights Boulevard
Allen Parkway

Can anyone come up with counterexamples for these and/or likely unique
street names for other areas?

I'll go with John Nolen Drive in Madison, Wisconsin.

Still, most street names are duplicated somewhere else, even if there is
one that is presumed to be the one being referred to if no other
information is provided.

Is there any metro other than Milwaukee with major streets named 'Kinnickinnic Av', 'Fond du Lac Av', 'Appleton Av', 'Port Washinton Rd', 'Vliet St' and 'Burleigh St'? Is there another major metro besides MIlwaukee with a 'National Av'?

In Madison, I have always liked the street names 'Olin', 'Proudfit', 'Midvale', 'Gammon', 'Muirfield', and the somewhat obscure 'Ondossagon' (that one is a residential side street in the West Towne area). 'Fish Hatchery Rd' and 'Mineral Point Rd' are fairly unique major Madison street names, too.

In the MStP area, 'Hiawatha', 'Nicollet', 'Excelsior', 'Minnehaha', 'Minnetonka', 'Snelling' and 'Hennepin' all appear to be fairly unique street names to me.

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