Re: Airport cell phone parking lots

On 11 Oct 2005 01:47:37 -0700, "Larry Gross" <gross.larry@xxxxxxxxx>

>A "cell phone parking lot" has opened at General Mitchell International
>Airport in Milwaukee for use by drivers waiting to receive a phone call
>to pick up arriving passengers.
>The free parking is an incentive to cut down on the number of drivers
>who cause traffic congestion by circling the airport terminal waiting
>for travelers. It will also help conserve fuel and reduce emissions
>caused by idling vehicles, officials said.
>Thirty minutes of free parking is provided while drivers wait for their
>phone call. Unattended cars will be ticketed and towed, officials said.

John Wayne Airport (SNA) has a similar deal: the first 15 minutes in
any of the terminal lots is free of charge.

>The cell phone lot is made up of 15 short-term parking spaces within
>the airport's surface parking lot.

FIFTEEN spaces? That may be enough for Podunk MKE, but at a REAL
airport thoise 15 spaces would be just as congested as the terminal
driveways, which would completely defeat the purpose. Which is
undoubtedly why SNA doesn't limit the free parking to a ridiculously
paltry 15 spaces.

>If more than 30 minutes is needed, the parking fee is $2 for an
>additional half-hour, then $2 per hour after that.

What a rip! If I go over the 15 minute free period at SNA, it only
costs me $1...


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