Re: Real Tax Protesting in Action

Jackney Sneeb wrote:
On Aug 28, 6:42 pm, nat <esen...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

There is freedom envisioned by the idealist, then there is freedom
based on reality.

How are they different?

An idealist sees things as they should be; and a realist sees things
as they are.
The idealist- "If people could all get along and live harmoniously, we
would all be free."
The realist- "People have conflict, therefore, we must always guard
our freedom."

If it were free, freedom would not be an issue.

If anarchy didn't exist, freedom wouldn't exist.
Or, if "government" existed, freedom wouldn't exist.

You already said that, remember?- "If it ain't free, it ain't

If that were true, why do you believe you have a right to self-defense
or would even need such a right?

No, with govt I mean the system by which men are able to live in

What a blatant contradiction. The essential meaning of "government"
is control over the population by a small group of ordinary, fallible,
mortal men by the use of force.

That would be an oligarchy, dunce. That is only one type of govt.
The essential feature of govt is the power to enforce its edicts.

How you get "freedom" from that is a
bizarre exercise in mental gymnastics.

That's true for a dunce such as yourself.
Intelligent people understand that the price of freedom is eternal
People band together primarily to increase their power.