Re: My 18 year old daughter has income, can I claim her as a dependent?

"morgslife" wrote:

My daughter lived with me 12 months in 2007. She turned 18 in August. She
got a job and made about $7000.00 in income and they took out a combined
$800.00 in taxes. She didn't claim herself while she was working. This is
the last year I will be able to claim her on the earned income credit. She
also is enrolled in college since last fall, it that makes a difference.

It makes no difference for 2007, but it will make a difference for 2008 and
beyond if she's a full-time student.

Can I let her file an EZ form and not claim herself and then claim her on
my taxes as a dependent? If anyone has any suggestions or know what I
should do, please let me know. All help appreciated.

It boils down to whether she provided more than half her own support for
2006. See IRS Publication 501 for a description of what constitutes

If she provided more than half her own support for 2007 you cannot claim her
as a dependent. If she didn't, you can. If she's a full-time student in
2008 the rules are the same as for 2007, including the rules for EITC.

If she is your dependent for 2007 she files her return showing she's a
dependent. If she isn't, you can't claim her as a dependent, but you can
still claim her as a qualifying child for EITC.

Phil Marti
Clarksburg, MD