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No, Bush failed.
Failed to do what? Increase his political donations by 10 times per
donor? Refuse to hire any key staff members with unpaid taxes?
to bend over for liberals? Refused to kiss any Muslim ass?
No, he just held their hands and fawned all over his Saudi masters.
NAFTA baby. When Clinton signed it the writing was on the wall for
financial collapse.
Negotiated, endorsed and supported by Bush I, too.
Let's summarize, shall we? Two parties, not a dimes worth of
You must be using that new-fangled math. There is trillions of dollars
difference, loony tunes.
True. Were it not for Democrats (bad as they are) we would be trillions
of more dollars in debt right this very moment.


Make me pine for the good old days of GW's "unsustainable" budgets...

You shouldn't. Most of what you blame Obama for ARE W's unsustainable budgets. Most of what Obama is spending is temporary.

But, hey, you can get a woody for any thing you want. This IS America, after all.