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Curly Surmudgeon wrote:

Blacks, somehow, could cook carp so it was edible. That's on my list of
things to learn.

Gefilte fish usually starts with carp, although a touch of starvation
makes it go down better. The slightly sweet version is particularly bad..

Never had gefilte fish although I've heard it ordered in Jewish
resturaunts.  Was too anxious for a pastrami &  corned beef on jewish rye.

Latin America, like Denmark, has an acid-cooked fish called civiche.  
Usually a citric acid with herbs.  In Denmark it's pickled herring served
cold covered with diced onion.  Neither is heat-cooked.

I've never met a catfish I didn't like.  Except for the skinnin' part....

Bro, if I'd known you were a catfish lover I wouldn't have been so
hard on your about your climate transgressions.

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