Re: 'Climate science'

On 1/11/2010 12:05 PM, roger gilbert wrote:

Man_of_Mind w amused by the evasions and projections posted by:

On 1/10/2010 9:55 PM, roger gilbert wrote:

Man_of_Mind was excoriating the ambitious ignorance exhibited by:

On 1/10/2010 9:09 PM, Belief writhed in denials when it was pointed

Man_of_Mind restored the previous bitch-slapping bestowed upon:

On 1/10/2010 8:12 PM, Belief was whining and opining falsely:
Just try it, even though I know you don't like to try and
falsify your own dearly held beliefs, which told me that
you clearly are not a "scientist" in any sense of the word..

Your bias and projection are noted

*>LOL!<* You're again using words you clearly do not comprehend..

--But, that's okay for a goober like yourself..

Your anger defines you.

Your insinuation proves your abject lack of integrity..

No insinuation

No facts nor examples to substantiate your negative claims, either..

--Have you stopped beating your wife?

Why are you so angry?

Why are you inferring such negative claims?

--And not a shred of evidence to support your insinuation..