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[don't know what this has to do with the sci groups -- followups

What your analysis lacks is the reference to 'minimal government.'
Minimal government means that the central government is authorized to
do only what the Constitution says.

Whereas, our totalitarian "friends" (both here and elsewhere) believe
that the government should have all power, and grant "rights" (i.e.
privileges) to individuals -- so they may be revoked on a whim.

Well, >>I<< certainly didn't vote for any Republicans, so don't blame ME.

Since most legislation passed by Congress is unconstitutional, all
federal programs, entitlements and agencies must be dismantled as
they are each unconstitutional.

I say we add an amendment that makes it treason to enact and enforce
unConstitutional statutes. Congress, the president and the Courts
_should_ be afraid of the people -- and prosecuted if the commit such

The we would need to purge the SCOTUS of Republicans...

Additionally, the 14th, 16th and 17th amendments must be repealed,
the Federal Reserve Act, Income Tax Act and all other acts, must be

I would add one additional amendment, that makes all federal code
sunset (say, in 5 years -- though even that may be too long). Require
that every line be brought up, reviewed and re-passed. This would
remove the problem that politically inconvenient acts (while they may
be Constitutional, they can still be poor implementations) -- they can
be allowed to quietly go away. Not pretty, but expedient (should help
greatly reduce the amount of junk on the books).

That's already what happens when bipartisan support cannot be achieved. A lot of important civil rights protections would go out the window...

Can you say "baby with bathwater?"

Bingo! There's your new government - and it will run on money
collected from imports and exports, hence no lobbying or taxation of

Or, to put it another way, the restoration of our old government.

The one that never existed, even on paper...

Rose-colored rear-view mirrors can be SO deceiving.