Re: McCain believes Iraq war can be won by 2013

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You do know that the US has supported terrorists in South America
don't you?

The US NEVER supports terrorists, if Bush supports them they are called
patriots. They are only terrorists if they oppose Bush ;)

Interestingly, it appears that the corporate executives consulted with
the Department of Homeland Security before actually executing the deal
to provide money and small arms to the group that took care of those
pesky employees. DHS didn't say it was OK. However, they didn't tell
them that it was illegal either. They just sat back and allowed it to
happen. Trouble didn't start until the government of Colombia found
the mass graves and started investigating.

Fortunately, Colombia is the Bush's biggest friend in South America
and hasn't raised too big a stink over it yet. They are trying to
extradite the executives who made the decision for trials in Colombia,
but they are meeting some resistance from the government that does so
much to prosecute terrorists.