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The major policy pushed by Bush's first Secretary of War, Donald Rumsfeld
was a new style of warefare effected by lightning attacks by small units
supported by in integrated air strike, artillery, and command.

And it worked pretty well too, even though his revamping was barely begun
when Bush elected to invade Iraq.  The problem was mission creep.

Along the way "Capturing Saddam" morphed into "stabilization" then into
nation building.  The fault wasn't Rumsfeld's but a political failure of
both the legislative and executive branches.

Many of those in the legislative branch have been thrown out by various
means but the executive remains.  Let's put responsibility where it
belongs, in the White House.

How long are the Republicans going to engage in denial?

-- Regards, Curly

Squirelly, Bush is not running again.  He'll leave office in January..

Then who will you blame?

You are still blaming Clinton.  

I don't see him mentioned.

By your standards,

I served.  You didn't.  You couldn't possibly know anything about my

Neither did Bush.  Nor Chaney.- Hide quoted text -

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Now that ain't so....Bush has kept the Country safe from killer
pretzels and Cheney leads the charge in shooting friends in the face.

Our Founding Fathers would be proud...