Re: Post Peak Oil and Vehicle Choice?

Okay, so I'm late and catching up, but Pope Secola IV
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Terry Collins wrote:
fudge wrote:

A one horsepower HORSE.

naah, I'd prefer a bullock. Sure it doesn't have the speed, but it has
almost no down time as it processes its feed as it walks and eats a
wider range of stuff than a horse can.
And slllooooowwww.

Hey, if he wants the equivalent of a farm tractor for transportation,
that's his privilege.

I'm bemused by all the folks who feel that a horse (or ox) will be
cheaper and more convenient than a car. Maybe, but they've never
considered that to take a horse someplace, even just a quick run to the
store, means "saddling up" on the way out, and then reversing the procedure
on the return. Whereas with a car, you fire it up, drive over, drive back,
park - and you are done.
And I don't have to feed it on the days I stay home, nor do I need to
muck out the parking place every day.

And if the car dies, I don't have buzzards circling the parking lot.

There are a lot of good reasons why cars became more and more popular,
as they grew to be more affordable and reliable.


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