Looking for an emergency preparedness video I saw years ago...

I saw a VHS tape back in 1998/1999 from a guy giving information on
generic home preparedness. Very well done, and very well spoken, I would
like to get a copy of it to share with others in my neighborhood who have
been a little stressed over the New Orleans catastrophe. (After all, we
live in Florida...)

To help narrow down what the tape was: He showed how to make up large
cans of dried soup mix for sharing with others during a crisis, showed his
"nuclear bomb shelter" where he used his boxed/canned food stores, covered
making sure you had pet food/supplies, and made a quick reference to fuel
storage. (Sounded like he was in Colorado, as he could store a 55 gal drum
of fuel for emergency purposes...)

I really liked this tape, as it had no religious references or political
motivation anywhere on the tape. Hence, it's appeal to get copies for my

If anyone knows what the name of the video was, or where I could get a
copy, PLEASE let me know. (Heck, if you have any other suggestions, I'd
really appreciate it!!!)