Democrats are traitors

Democrata are traitors.

Consider that:
1) Bill Clinton & Al Gore tried to take a $300,000 campaign donation from the Red Chinese.

2) Bill Clinton signed over technology (from Loral Corp) that enabled Red China to make super acurate missiles, such that MIRV (multiple Re-entry Vehicle) warheads possible. (*More than one nuke per missile).

3) Bill Clinton held the FBI at bay while the Red Chinese stold our MIRV nuke technology, which made it possible for them to build and test a US type MIRVable nuclear weapon.

4) The Chinese now pose a threat to the national security of the U.S. due to their Submarine threat.

5) It was the Clinton Administration that Prevented the U.S. Army from having the FBI arrest the 9-11 Al Qaeda terrorist.

The Democrats want you DEAD. They are socialist, and the U.S. is shining proof of the superiority of the capitalist system. They don't mind seeing you dead to get the U.S. out of the way.

Now you want to know the scary part?

The Republicans are in on it. They did NOT impeach Clinton for Treason. They covered UP how the Democrats protected the Al Qaeda terrorist. And they are just as dedicated to giving away the country to Mexican illegal aliens as the Democrats are.