Re: OT - Is torture moral?

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> >>We need to get
> >>at what the differences in our core beliefs are to find where were
> >>differ, and look at those differences.
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> > So you believe that morality is a wishy-washy concept, which anybody can
> > bend and twist, at will, to serve their current situation? That there are
> > no rules that we all should follow?

> I was trying to get people to discuss how those rules are developed, and
> what was their rational basis.

> How did you get the idea that I was saying that there are no rules that
> should be followed?

You asked "Is it moral to torture your captive man...?" And you answered
"I think it is."

To break it dwon to its essence, you asked "Is it moral to [do something
really bad" if it leads to [a good result]?"

And you answered Yes.

> That is like accusing a baker, who is discussing pie recipies, why he
> believes there should be no pies.

> > Gay rights? Raping little girls? Sure! Why not! Who cares what someone
> > else's "morality" says?
> >
> > Lie, cheat and steal? Hey - if it help you in some situation, just
> > go for it!
> >
> >
> > Is that what you are saying? Is that your core belief? You REALLY
> > believe in "situational ethics", like the liberals do?
> >
> > Or are you just confused?

> You kinda got a history of being a little wacky.

Don't change the subject. You're the one who says it is moral to do
horrible things if it produces good results.

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Why do they always send the poor?

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