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Nonsense. �Refrigerators (and freezers) are engineered to work
best at normal room temperature (65F-75F). �At this season's
northeast temps a fridge in an unheated space won't work at all, and
will probably destroy itself trying to run with it's

depends on the fridge. my garage fridge is built to work in unheated

Never heard of the "garage fridge" brand. �Do you have a link?

it's a Kenmore. i'll look up the specifics tomorrow when i can get out to
the garage. it's only 2 years old so i think they still make that model..
it's a refrigerator only, no freezer.

I looked at the instructions for an approx 25-yr old Kenmore
refrigerator/freezer that is (and has been) where the room temp gets
down to around 50 in the winter. It doesn't give an operating temperature
range. But it advises against having it where the temp gets below 60F. Not
because it will hurt the appliance, but because it won't run often enough
to keep the food in the freezer section at 0-5F.

I have in fact noticed a few times when I've opened the freezer that it
didn't seem as cold as it "should" be, so just turn the refrigerator
thermostat up (down) so it will run a cycle. Problem solved. I doubt it
kept food in freezer at 0-5 on it's best day and I don't use the freezer
section for long term storage anyway.

As for a refrigerator self-destructing by attempting to run in, say a 20F
location, why would it even attempt to turn on at 20F? �

It won't turn on, and everything inside the fridge will freeze
solid... but before it gets near that cold the compressor oil will

But hey, it's your fridge, if you don't choose to believe the
manufacturer then so be it.


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