Re: What's all the Fuss about? Obama still has not proved natural citizenship

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"NapalmHeart" <olsonfamNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
That is the question, was he born a US citizen
not? Was he born in Hawaii? If so, then he is
US citizen, no need to look further. Was he
in Kenya to a mother that by the US law at the
time, had not been an adult US citizen long
to confer US citizenship on him?

BZZZZT! Thanks for playing. His mother is a
_natural born_ U.S. citizen. It
doesn't matter how long she'd been an adult at
the time he was born.

BZZZZZZZT! yourself. At the time of Obama's birth
the age of the mother did matter according to the
US Code at the time.

If so, then
there's a need for more digging. The fact that
children who were born in the US to foreign
mothers are US citizens under the law doesn't
matter in Obama's case. As I have said earlier,
have little doubt that he was born in Hawaii,
therefore this is would be a moot issue. What
interesting is that BHO doesn't just put this to
rest quickly and decisively.

It's already been put to rest decisively.
Unfortunately, some folks don't seem
able to understand or accept that.

No, it hasn't. I wish Obama would.