Re: moving a grandfather clock

On Aug 20, 2:49 pm, enigma <eni...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
my late grandmother had a grandfather clock that was built for
her by my mom's godfather. apparently i'm the only one in the
family that wants the clock, and it's in southwestern NY and
i'm in NH.
 the clock is 6 feet, 10 inches tall, so it will fit into our
8' bed pickup, but i'm not sure if it should be transported
laying down. anyone know if doing so will muck up the
mechanism? my dad says he thinks the weights can be removed,
but he's not sure about the pendulum.
 has anyone moved a grandfather clock? should we use the
pickup or rent something we can stand it upright in? how does
one secure the guts when moving it? i'm sure you guys all have
lots of advice ;)

I've moved so many grandfather and grandmother clocks the past few
years I want to vomit every time I even see one of them.

Remove the pendulum, they are usually just hooked on the movement.
Remove the weights but mark them left, center and right first as they
usually need to go back on in the same order. They usually weigh
Take a twisty or 2 and tie the chains together in a bundle.
You should be able to lay the clock down on it's back at this point.
When you get it to whereever you are moving it to, it will need to be
right away. Then put the pendulum & weights back in place. Should be
to go then.