Re: golden malrin kills raccoons?

Vic Smith <vic9smith@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've been told I can get rid of the raccoons tearing up my property by
sprinkling some Golden Malrin fly poison in a pie tin and then filling
the pie tin with Mountain Dew. Does anyone have an idea how much
Golden Malrin I should be using?

Can't help with the poison- but I will say that poison would be my
last choice for animal control. If you really need to thin the
raccoon population, I would recommend shooting as #1- live trapping as
#2- and I'd even use leg hold or conibear traps long before I'd set
out poison. [at any rate check to see what laws you might be
breaking with any of these methods]

Harborfreight has good sized live traps for about $22. Bait with
tuna or apples. Raccoons are easy to trap. If you get a barn cat or
the neighbor's pooch you can let it go- shoot or drown the coons and


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