Re: Dead Indian Cleanup

On Jan 1, 3:48 pm, some...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Most people that move to the country are faced with dead deer and
wildlife along the roads.  Some states/counties clean them up, others
just leave them to rot and stink.  

I moved close to an Indian Reservation.  Now I realize that was a big
mistake.  While there are occasional dead animals along the roads,
it's more common to find dead indians.  Calling the law seems to do
nothing.  They fill out some paperwork and just leave the bodies
litter the roads.  How can we force our local lawmen to clean up these

If they want to keep killing their own people, let them, but the rest
of us should not have to see or smell the mess.  It's their damn
casino that brings in all the undesirables in the first place.

Obviously white honky trailer trash such as yourself have no bidnez
living in that neighbourhood.

Move you white honky ass outta there before someone come and scalp