Salvation Army Bell ringers.

What the Salvation Army is doing is overall good. But some of the
problems are:
1. A few bell ringers have been caught taking the money.
2. A few bell ringers ring the bell loudly and aimed at people to harass
people into giving.
3. Christmas and Salvation Army are Christian in origin. Some people of
other religions may not appreciate having bells rang at them in an
attempt to harass a donation. How would you like Muslims (or other
religions) ringing bells at you in order to get your money for their

I think donations should come willingly, in secret, and from the heart;
not because someone is loudly ringing a bell at you.

One person quietly sends $10,000 check to United Way, the other gives
$5.00 to someone ringing a bell. Who helps more people?

Yes, please give to the poor, but let it be done willingly, secretly,
and from the heart.